About us

Aayushyaman Aarogya Seva Card is a healthcare service providing company which offers a health card to avail discounts on various healthcare bills in its network hospitals. 

Aayushyman Aarogya Seva Card does not offer any medical treatment or prescriptions or medical consultations to anyone in any form. 

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For Everyone

Anyone from India can be benefited from this facility. There is no category restriction or any other extra fees to avail this health card facility.

Online Confirmation

Anyone wiling to apply for Aayushyaman Aarogya Seva Card does not required to submit any KYC papers or health certificates. Anyone can apply online and generate their health card.

Direct Support

We offer 24 X 7 support to our customers and network hospitals. Our customer support team offers help on telephone, email and live chat.

Nationwide Coverage

Aayushyaman Aarogya Seva Card has its network hospitals all around the nation.

Online Invoicing

Aayushyaman Aarogya Seva Card offers online card generation and automatic invoice generation for order. A person becomes member of the card for 1 year.

Tracking System

Network Hospitals of Aayushyaman Aarogya Seva Card can track the verification of the holder of the card online through their exclusive verification link.

What our customers think

"Aayuhsyaman Aarogya Seva Card has saved my hard earned money on various hsopital bills. Thanks to them."
Amol Pawar
Owner Phoenix Soft Solutions
"Their customer support team is really fast and friendly. They are ready always to help."
Sunita Shinde
"I have been using their services since last month. They have a vast network of hospitals where I can get discount for myself and my family”
Aves Malik
Manager - New Age Technologies, Nashik

Aayushyaman Aarogya Seva Card

Your Perfect Health Partner

Card Helpline: 9975364972

E - Seva Kendra Helpline: 9975365615

Hospital Helpline: 9665919436